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If you would rather a more colourful run down of the FAQ's check out this Instagram Reel with Founder/CEO Lucy McCrudden talking you through some of these questions and booking processes by clicking on the image below. 

Or crack on with the more traditional method with these questions below:

I’m not a performer – is this for me?

Absolutely. We recognise that the need for connection, inspiration and knowledge is required in all jobs – dance is wonderful and weird, and parental issues concern everyone, on and off stage. Our sector’s much valued teachers, dance artists, choreographers and movement directors all rely on their bodies for their jobs, not just those who are ‘seen’ in a production. 


I’ve been out of the industry for a while, can I take part?

Definitely! We warmly welcome participants who have had to step away from the industry for a period of time due to the pressures of parenting/life (this was a driver for the project). We also welcome those with sustained careers to build further on their skills, with the potential for all participants to make connections that will be of benefit to them and the industry.


Who do you consider to be a dancing parent?

Dance Mama is committed to being inclusive for parents from all backgrounds working in dance and extends this definition beyond performers to those working in studios and off-stage in professional contexts including state and private education. Please see our Eligibility Policy for more information. 


My children are grown-up, can I still take part?

Yep! Once a parent, always a parent. 


Do I need a Zoom account to take part?

Yes, this is the platform we have chosen to make the sessions as accessible as possible (Zoom is free to join). We appreciate some people may only be able to watch the replays if they don’t have an account which will be sent as a link within 48 hours after each session. 


Can I participate with my camera off?

Yes. Although we would love to see some faces, and it is easier to support you physically in dance sessions if we can see you, it’s entirely up to you if you want to be seen, or simply enjoy engaging with us as a ‘viewer-engager’ rather than a ‘viewed-engager’. 


You mentioned three in-person events – how will they work?

This season we are introducing in-person workshops with our partner organisations in Birmingham, London and Leeds in 2023 where, if you live within easy travelling distance you can come in person. Simultaneously, we will be running a children’s workshop to enable you to attend your own workshop without your children (if you choose) as part of the programme. Of course, you can keep your children with you (especially babies and young children) if you wish. We will leave that decision up to you. That’s childcare sorted!


What is Dance Mama doing to support my safety?

Working together with our Research Advisory Group, (partners including One Dance UK, colleagues such as Active Pregnancy Foundation), Dance Mama has risk-assessed this activity, and has prepared some safety online and etiquette tips. 


I’ve missed the Live – will there be a replay?

Yes, replays which will be sent as a link within 48 hours after each session. 

I can’t access the link – can you help me?

Please email us if you need support –


Can I pay in monthly instalments?

Dance Mama Live: Back On The Road is brilliantly supported by Arts Council England. From February 2023 all our sessions will be available to book onto each month. You will need to create a free account on our site to book sessions


Any further questions - please get in touch!

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