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We empower parents who dance to blend their caring responsibilities with their artform

 Dance Mama™ is an advocacy entity celebrating professional dancing parents, highlight the issues that they face and providing inspiration, information and support.

We believe that just because you start a family doesn't mean you have to stop moving.


We empower parents who dance to blend their caring responsibilities with their artform. We can support you in a variety of ways so you can be inspired, be informed and stay connected. 


Founded by TEDx Speaker, Lucy McCrudden, it began as an article in One Dance UK’s magazine back in 2014 after she became a mum and was dissatisified with the lack of industry support. The site now holds over 70 stories (15 our now a podcast), a mentoring programme, information hub and most recently Dance Mama Live! A programme of professional development activity online, supported by Arts Council England and in partnership with Sadler’s Wells, One Dance UK, Yorkshire Dance, DanceXchange and Clearcut.

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Hello - I'm Lucy McCrudden, Mother of two and Dance Advocate and Specialist.

How are you?

Working in a physically demanding industry like dance brings an extra dimension to your pregnancy and parenting experience. We are here to provide you with information, inspiration and connection to help you navigate your dance career and parenthood. 

Back in 2014, when I was a 33-year old mother of one, I was dissatisfied with the amount of resources available for parents working in dance? It occurred to me pretty early on that these issues were hardly talked about, let alone supported adequately in the formal arena.

So I decided to do something about it. I asked the then-known Dance UK (now part of One Dance UK), if I could write an article on the subject. This started our foundations of collating a series of profiles of industry parents in many different situations.


Dance Mama has built upon this, creating a Dance Mamafesto, sharing over 60 stories, now in podcast format, delivering our Mentor Mama service, information hub and learning events with a variety of partners including The Royal Opera House and Dance East. 

2021 saw the launch of Dance Mama Live! a one-of-a-kind online professional development programme for dancing parents supported by Arts Council England and in partnership with Sadler's Wells, One Dance UK, DanceXchange, Yorkshire Dance an Clearcut. All 20 hours of sessions are free to access when you join this site. 


This continues into 2022 with Dance Mama Live: Back On The Road touring to 10 national dance partners and you can join here for replays and lives. 

In 2021 I also started the Parenting And Dance Network (UK & Ireland) to connect the growing momentum for positive change for parents in dance. Taking this to the global community, I co-founded the International Parenting and Dance Network.  Both are free to join for anyone working on this cause. 

2022 also marks the start of my taking this work further and commencing my PhD with Christ Church Canterbury University in researching this area. It is also the year I delivered my TEDx Talk.

Connect with our community via our Facebook page or our other social handles above. 

You can read more here about my two decades career in dance learning and participation with organisations including The Royal Opera House, Rambert, The Place , DanceXchange and English National Ballet or visit my LinkedIn page, Dance Magazine US feature, The Rogue Monkey podcast and interview for Dance In Mind also gives you some insights to my background on-the-go. 

My portfolio life is also a case study in business handbook Building A Portfolio Career   – 3rd edition (Bourne, Lyons, McCrudden – Management Books 2000) – available on Amazon and at Portfolio Professionals PartnershipDance Mama is also part of Maternal Journal's 2021 book. 

Hopefully, these stories will resonate with some, spark some discussions, give you some ideas and information for those already with families or others in our community who are thinking about starting a  family and may not have the luxury of being close to a parent working in dance.


Lucy xo 

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