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'Lucy is warm, enthusiastic, professional and brilliantly funny.'


Hooray! You've found what you've been looking for :)

Mentor Mama sessions enable you to have the tailored, flexible mentoring support you need as a parent working in the dance sector.

The gear shift into parenthood is challenging for most people. For dance folk, this can feel amplified due to our specific training and experience in a vocational career. 

Building on my years of experience mentoring hundreds of artists, colleagues and young people in world-class programmes over the years, I am offering this service to help you make the most of being aparent in dance. 

Mentor Mama is designed for people who want:


on your purpose and career goals within a parental context 


made of  tangible steps tto help you to achieve 


from a mentor who implicitly understands


to focus on yourself

and think about your future



Suggested Donations 121 Sessions


The programme was launched on #IWD19 to enable women across the dance industry access to the flexible support they need to make the most of themselves and their career as a #dancemama 

However, as the pandemic took hold, many people in  the dance community have lost income and I believe it is only fair and right that this is reflected in my service response. 


Therefore, I am offering a limited amount of 1-hour sessions with a 'suggested donation' fee (1 per person) to new comers to my services, meaning that you can donate as little as £1 for a session (usually £50). The suggested price is there to help you understand the value of these sessions. 

Terms and conditions are here which may answer some of your FAQs, but feel free to drop me a note on

contribution session


'Lucy felt like the perfect fit'

Leaping Dancer


A private one-off session or series of sessions to focus on what you want and how you can get there 


one-off session - 1 hour

usually £50

*1 hour sessions available for a donation - 1 session per person*

terms & conditions apply


series of sessions - 1 hour monthly or quarterly

FREE 30 min consultation

Email support

£50 per session

Lingerie Models


A group one-off session or a series of sessions to collaborate with like-minded people, where you can inspire each other, share the costs and be accountable to one another


one-off session - 1 hour

£35 per person for groups of 2 - 6 + room hire if required


series of sessions - 1 hour monthly or quarterly

Email support

£35 per person  for groups of 2 - 6 + room hire if required

Women Holding Hands


Facilitation between an aspiring parent/ parent and their dance organisation to enhance nurturing and support of the parent and deepen companies' understanding


Bespoke packages for groups and individuals as required

Price on request


'I've left our sessions revived, confident and inspired'

You don't have to feel limited. ​

I have transformed frustrations from my own personal journey to create this service as my contribution in making our situation better, and for generations to come.

My mentoring credits include private clients, One Dance UK mentoring scheme and colleagues former workplaces such as Rambert and The Place.

In addition, I have mentored hundreds of young people in a variety of contexts including Centres for Advanced Training at The Place and Dance East, Rambert, Rambert School, The BRIT School, and Women of the World Festival - London Eye.

I'm also the profiled arts case study in Bourne, Lyons and McCrudden's business book Building A Portfolio Career

Here are a couple of testimonials below from Dance Mamas I have served:

Kate Durrant

Dance Artist

After having our first child and settling back into work I felt I needed support and guidance as to where I want to take my career next.


Lucy felt like the perfect fit. I feel that I can be honest with Lucy about my hopes and ambitions for the future. Alongside, voicing my concerns and fears without being judged.


After only one session, through Lucy’s support and coaching, I’ve managed to find more balance, made clear decisions about what I do want to pursue in my work, in the short term. And I’m on an exciting road to discovering and working out what my long term plans will be for my future in the dance sector. 


Lucy is warm, enthusiastic, professional and brilliantly funny. I’ve left our sessions feeling revived, confident and inspired to move forwards and take on new challenges.


Having Lucy as my coach and mentor is proving to invaluable and I can’t recommend her enough. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of our following sessions over this year.

Hot Pink_2x.png

Emma Brady

Movement Artist

During my time being mentored by Lucy, I found her to be supportive, flexible and friendly. She was extremely approachable and her positive disposition made meetings fun and not intimidating. She took a holistic approach with my mentoring, not only looking at my dance practice and career but giving me practical advice that could be applied to many aspects of my life. Together with Lucy, we identified a set of goals many of which I have achieved, but some I continue to work on. The connections I made through the mentoring process were invaluable and have made a real difference in the progression of my career and the development of my skill set.

Hot Pink_2x.png

'Supportive, flexible and friendly'


Please use the button below contact me to apply for Mentor Mama sessions.

It may then take up to 10 working days for me to process your application.

You will receive a notification via email when submitted. 

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