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Here's a selection of articles about being a parent working in dance from across the globe.

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Portfolio Professionals - an update from Dance Mama

Portfolio Professionals

Lucy McCrudden

As an arts case study in the third edition of 'Building A Portfolio Career' (Adrian Bourne, Christopher Lyons & Colin McCrudden), Lucy gives an update on how her portfolio has evolved over the pandemic. 

MAY 2021

Dance and Motherhood with Dance Mama

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

Lucy McCrudden

Interviewing five women who are members of the ISTD who work across the sector, Lucy highlights the issues faced by women business-owners in dance at different stages of parenthood.

APRIL 2021

Patter of tiny feet: dancers on leaping into motherhood

The Guardian 

Lyndsey Winship speaks to #DanceMama Elizabeth Harrod, Lauren Cuthbertson, Bobbi Jean Smith, Temitope Ajose-Cutting, Kate Prince and Colette Hansford about their parenting experiences, supporting parents and the COVID-19 lockdowns.



Ballet dancers in lockdown hear the patter of tiny feet

The Times 

The Times speaks to #DanceMama Lauren Cuthbertson and Tara Brigitte Bhavnani of the Royal Ballet talk about their parenting experiences in lockdown.



The Lights Aren't On And Everybody's Home

PiPA Campaign Ambassadors - incl. Lucy McCrudden​

#DanceMama contribution to the PiPA Campaign article on parents in the arts during the COVID19 crisis



Does the dance industry lose it's female dancers to motherhood?

Belinda Lee Chapman

Belinda explores the question around why there are less women working in dance who are parents.

2019 (originally published 2016)


Dancing after having a baby

KJ Mortimer blogs about her experience as a #DanceMama whilst performing with Stopgap Dance Company



Dancers in a new role talks to three American #DanceMama



Are you a dancer and a mother? talks to four American #DanceMamas



Ballerinas with bumps: Elizabeth Harrod and Laura McCulloch on the challenges of balancing dancing and motherhood

Chris Shipman

Head of Brand Engagement & Soical Media

The Royal Opera House

Chris interviews two Soloists - one a new mother and the other expecting - on the challenge of juggling two hugely exhausting but rewarding jobs.

10 APRIL 2015

Dancing a new routine

Lucy McCrudden​

#DanceMama original article for One Dance UK



Dancing Through Pregnancy talks to Australian #DanceMamas