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We want parents in dance to get the bespoke help they need easily. 

Saw someone in our webinars and workshops and want to get in touch?

Find them listed in the map below (link to replay guide underneath map). 

Want to be a contributor? Contact us. 

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Dance Mama is proud to partner with SOMA.

Founder, Niamh Morrin PhD is also a member of our

Research Advisory Group, and has contributed some brilliant blogs. 


SOMA provides functional, strength and mobility training to dancers who are navigating postural and physical changes related to pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Whether you are struggling with a weakened core, leaking, prolapse symptoms or chronic pain, SOMA can help you feel strong and mobile, improve your dance performance and manage injury and pain. SOMA offers 1-1 individualized training and a 12-week SOMA Method | Postpartum,


Return to Dance Programme - both training options aim to provide a thoughtful, knowledgeable and functional training approach appropriate for any level of dancer. SOMA works in-person, online and via the intuitive TrainHeroic app where all training sessions can be viewed and completed via short, bespoke videos. 

Silver Members can get 15% off SOMA's fantastic service. Join here


Check out our IG Live chat to find out how our Founder/CEO, Lucy, got on with it aired Thursday 21st September 2023

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Season 2


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