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Research papers, articles and projects from leading scientists and organisations 

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Publish articles in the media by Dance Mamas and for Dance Mamas


Great Next Reads

Book recommendations for help on being a parent working in dance


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One Dance UK

The UK body for dance, and the sectors leading support organisation. 

Dance Mama Founder, Lucy McCrudden, is a member. 


PIPA Campaign

Conducting extensive research across theatre, dance and music to support working parents. 

Dance Mama Founder, Lucy is an Ambassador

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Dancers Career Development

Supporting dancers to successfully transition into alternative careers. 

DCD have supported the Dance Mama Live! event





The Active Pregnancy Foundation aims to remove traditional barriers and social stigmas, ensuring there is easily accessible provision in expertise, information and support for women who choose to be active throughout pregnancy and motherhood. 

As a charity the Active Pregnancy Foundation intends to normalise active pregnancies, and have been instrumental in the development of Chief Medical Officer approved guidelines for pre and postnatal activity in the UK.  

They have the latest guidance on COVID-19 advice for pre and postnatal women, an online directory of activity and more brilliant research. 

In 2021 they are guest on both the professional development and general public strands of Dance Mama Live! and Lucy contributed to their 'Find Your Active' dancing guide (pictured) supported by Sport England. 

Dance Mama Founder, Lucy McCrudden, is also Secretariat to the charity's Scientific Advisory Board. 

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counselling for dancers

Terry Hyde MA MBACP is a Psychotherapist/Counsellor who founded Counselling for Dancers recognising that the dance population needs specific mental health support. 

Terry is a retired performer and  a #dancepapa  - you can read his story here, and visit his site. 

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Dance Professionals Fund are the leading UK charity offering financial assistance for individuals during their dance careers and into retirement.

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