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Dance Mama Live! is an online, pioneering, monthly programme of much-needed inspirational, informative and creative activity designed specifically to empower parents working in dance. 


Supported by Arts Council England, Dance Mama is working in partnership with One Dance UK, Sadler’s Wells, DanceXchange, Yorkshire Dance and Clearcut to bring the nation’s dancing parents the very best content they deserve in a FREE, digestible programme.

We delivered over 20 hours of live over 2021 FREE for you to watch on demand when you register as well as a supoprtive community of fellow dancing parents via our Private Facebook Group. 


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Read our Impact Report to find out how well-received Dance Mama Live! is by our participants and support for our cause from our Strategic Partners. 

100% of participants who completed our evaluation survey would recommend us to their colleagues



  • 10 x 1-hour webinars from the country’s leading specialists from a variety of backgrounds with proven experience in supporting working parents in physically reliant careers including Dr Steve Ingham (UK’s eminent performance scientist, leader & author) and Laura Godfrey-Isaacs (Artist, midwife, birth activist). We also feature discussion panels on a range of topics with artists including Kate Flatt OBE, Sharon Watson MBE and Amanda Britton. 

  • 9 x 1-hour choreographic workshops from a spectrum of dance makers from across the organisations giving you the opportunity to have space, explore and fuel their creativity on your timescale. Artists include, Aletta Collins, Liv Lorent MBE, Miguel Altunaga, Ingrid Mackinnon and more!

  • Private Facebook Group to access content quickly and connect with other dancing parents

  • Discount on our live online courses of weekly technique classes, designed for pre/postnatal parents with professional experience. 

Photo credits, Etta Murfitt (Stephen Berkeley White), Erin Sanchez (Dani Bower) Lucy McCrudden (Pierre Tappon)

‘This is amazing! I wish I had this sort of organisation when I was a young Mum.’
– Etta Murfitt

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We ran two, FREE taster sessions with special guests, Etta Murfitt (Associate Artistic Director, New Adventures) and Erin Sanchez, Manager of Health, Wellbeing and Performance (One Dance UK)  joining Dance Mama Founder, Lucy McCrudden, to give a flavour of the programme.

‘Life changing.’
– Michaela Collings, Participant & Dance Artist



Dance Mama is committed to being inclusive for parents from all backgrounds working in dance and extends this definition beyond performers to those working in studios and off-stage in professional contexts including state and private education. Yipee!

We warmly welcome participants who have had to step away from the industry for a period of time due to the pressures of parenting (this was a driver for the project) as well as welcoming those with sustained careers to build further on their skills with the potential for all participants to make connections that will be of benefit to them and the industry. 

Disclaimer: Always check with your healthcare practitioner before starting a new activity programme. You are responsible for your health and safety. Dance Mama is not liable for any injury or harm sustained whilst taking this programme. If you are a new parent, you will not be eligible to take part if you have not passed your 6-week health check. This opportunity is only availble to people aged 18 years or over. 

‘Thank you SO much for initiating this platform. Now that Dance Mama is alive, it makes me realise what a drought there thank you from the centre of my heart for enabling us dancing mums (and dads) to feel held and heard and help us to boogie on’
– Polly, Participant


re-ignite your dance creativity or drive it further in an empathetic space


link up with other professional parents in dance  online and in real life


supporting women beyond dance


learn from pioneers in sport, medicine and arts who care deeply about dance parents futures

 ‘This is a landmark step for Dance Mama...this transformative programme will give many parents across the sector and beyond access to high quality, tangible and bespoke support.


It’s a much-needed opportunity that removes the barriers so many parents face to developing their dance careers, simply because of their circumstances.’

Lucy McCrudden, Founder


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