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Seasonal Inspiration

Dance Mama, Lucy Balfour's Vlog (Image: Pierre Tappon)

Glad tidings of great joy comin’ atcha from Dance Mama. I’m on a wave of excitement as we close out 2018 - all of the brilliant stories people have shared across the year and the advance I have been able to make with Dance Mama through the generosity and collaborative spirit of friends and colleagues across the industry. A great big THANK YOU to you all.

It was a moment of clarity for all of us about the work ahead; emboldening our resolve to push things forward.

A big highlight was speaking at the One Dance UK conference in Leeds last month. It was an enormous privilege to be able to curate an afternoon of passionate discussion with Dr Steve Ingham (Director, Supporting Champions) and Anna Ehnold-Danailov (Co-Founder, PIPA Campaign). My segment and the Q&A are still available to view on our Facebook page, along with the brilliant vlog (above) from Rambert Dancer, Lucy Balfour, direct from her living room, inviting YOU to be courageous.

Sharing my mission for the platform and some of the latest thinking with so many people in the room and online was a real joy. It was a moment of clarity for all of us about the work ahead; emboldening our resolve to push things forward.

I think it hugely important to look beyond dance to chivvy us on, so I have proudly bought my ticket for Supporting Champions Conference 2018 at Olympic Park next March. This is a chance to hear from professionals working with elite performers including Dr Eva Carneiro, Sports Medicine Specialist and Pioneer for women working in elite sport. The early bird ticket offer ends today (EEK!) so give yourself a gift and take advantage of this hot ticket for turbo-charging your 2019 with insightful talks and widening your network.

So what’s next for Dance Mama? Christmas is coming early for you with a new case study out next week. I’m also beavering away at evolving the site so it’s even easier to use and developing an exciting new section which should kick-start your 2019!

Working from a point of inspiration makes things 200 million times easier (FACT), so until the next time – follow your joy!

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