Dance Mama Live!

Today has been a real fire-cracker and memorable day for Dance Mama. Today I delivered the inaugural Dance Mama Live! in partnership with world-renowned dance house, Sadler’s Wells, in the Rosebery Room.

Since hitting the refresh button on Dance Mama late last year, events have always been high on my agenda to create and produce. Over the past few months, this has manifested itself in a number of plans, and some not-so-successful public bidding attempts (!) but all of these circumstances have led me to today’s moment. I am very grateful [and say this out of realism, not a sympathy plea].

A huge hurdle for all parents in attending events is overcoming childcare issues (shortly followed by money) so we removed these two barriers by making it free and welcoming for children. The Rosebery Room provided a great venue as it’s spacious with lots of natural light and children could watch the big red buses out of the large, iconic windows. We were able to talk in-depth and have plenty of room for the children to move about in. Dance Mama also provided a small goody bag w