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K.B.O. it’s the new normal

Window sills are the new barre (and grubby windows)

Well, I don’t need to start this blog with focussing on the obvious of what we are all doing at the moment, and what the situation is. Last time I wrote you a blog, we were pre-lock down, and I thought I would touch-base with a note to K.B.O. (keep buggering on) and highlight some brilliant solutions to keep us moving that have been occurring (and not just ‘PE Jesus,’ Joe Wikes*).

Firstly, I, like most of the parental population, have been re-deployed to rent-a-teacher. Whilst lead-in time has been non-existent, following a schedule for my children and me is what we are anchoring ourselves in. With a due note that this doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, I wanted to highlight for dance folk, we can draw on our dance training skills once again in this circumstance.

My personal favourite schedule addition has to be Friday Night Disco, complete with flashy lights and George Ezra.

Discipline equals freedom, and with the parameters drawn very close, we need all the freedom we can grab. So, trying to make it as fun, we’re doing assemblies on our passions; Spurs (Dad), Unicorns (Big One), Poo (Little One) and Singing – The Beatles. My personal favourite schedule addition has to be Friday Night Disco, complete with flashy lights and George Ezra.

I don’t know about you, but I have had an existential crisis (again) on not-knowing which day was which (beyond that of Christmas holidays phenomenon) and having some sort of ritual on particular days seemed to help us create a shape to the week. This is nothing new, but aside from the obvious and necessary draw-backs of lock-down, the opportunity to design our lives on a limited scale has it’s upsides. However, don’t get thinking this is some sort of Maria Von Trapp/ Mary Poppins set-up, there is still fighting, toys being chucked against walls, and some sort of tantrum going on…

Last blog, I moved fast on reminding folk of the Dance Mama, Class Programme, and having updated it with a few faves that have developed over the past weeks, I have been totally overwhelmed as wonderful dancing humans have been getting online in droves to keep us all inspired and fit. I have done my best to re-post this on Facebook as and when I see stuff.

this is the sort of content I dreamed about as a new mum at home.

English National Ballet have been doing daily class in the studio then in the kitchen and tomorrow friend and colleague Katie Mason will be doing a live session for people with limited mobility, , alongside other toptastic dancing stars, Bennet Garside of the Royal Ballet and Founder of Everybody Ballet, Joshua Barwick of Company Wayne McGregor teaches barre this week and Birmingham Royal Ballet have been sharing footage of their dancers now back in the four corners of planet earth, practicing in gardens and in lounges as well as Assistant Director, Marion Tait sharing her positivity. Wednesday at 10am will see one of my all time favourite #dancemama s Etta Murfitt, Assistant Director of New Adventures, leads class.

Although we are in desperately difficult times, this is the sort of content I dreamed about as a new mum at home. I truly hope it brings support and light to those pregnant #dancemama s in isolation. Please also do check the social channels of Active Pregnancy Foundation for sound advice and safety tips.

Dance schools and teachers are getting their classes online so no-one has to stop. One Dance UK giving great advice for this time and info on how to teach online, safely.

So, move the coffee table, push the sofa against the wall. It’s not time to give in to Netflix and a soft seat. There’s time to connect with your global dance family!

*credit to my sister for that gag

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