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Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Dance Mama is part of a movement that wants positive change. Take part in the PIPA Campaign survey to have your say

Evening All! Kid’s in bed yet? *hears the suspicious sound of Sellotape emanating from a child’s bedroom above* What better way to reignite my blog with a call to action and tell you a bit more about Parents & Carers in Performing Arts, or PIPA Campaign, founded in 2016 by Cassie Raine, Actor, and Anna Ehnold-Danailov, Director.

I was happy to see on my return to work last Autumn a development on planet arts that is PIPA. In a relatively short space of time they have gone great guns, establishing a charter with an impressive list of arts organisations signing up, stakeholders including One Dance UK, The National Theatre and UK Music to name but a few, and research across the theatre sector to get some actually brilliant evidence to challenge and improve the status quo.

1720 people have taken the survey already...sacrifice your half-drunk mug of tepid tea and fill it in!

As a PIPA ambassador, I invite you to take part in an online survey they are gathering with Birkbeck University about being a parent or a carer in the performing arts.1720 people have taken the survey already (you don’t have to be a parent or carer to have your say), but I reckon there are way more people who have these sorts of responsibilities, so sacrifice your half-drunk mug of tepid tea and fill it in! [Editor note: this survey's deadline is 15.07.18]

Welcome to the Arts Mamas

In tandem with this call to action, I am very happy to include Actor Mama – Hannah Young’s interview as the first of many Arts Mama case studies. It’s great to compare notes, and big thanks to Hannah for completing this whilst premiering at The Print Room after a bit of a break from the boards. More to come…

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