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Mother of two. Dance Support and Programmes Officer, Dancers Career Development and Founder of

Lucy had the delight of talking to multi-talented #dancemama, Simone Muller-Lotz about her professional experience as a post-natal rehabilitation specialist as well as her motherhood experience and dance career. 

Simone is originally from South Africa and came to the UK to train classically at 14 years old. She danced for Northern Ballet and then returned to South Africa and underwent ankle surgery. Whilst she rehabilitated her ankle and started a BA in psychology and did a Pilates teacher training.


She then went back into dance and performed with Cape Town City Ballet for 5 years, before moving into contemporary dance and returning to the UK with her husband. After the birth of her first child she moved out of dance and into Post-natal Pilates. Before having my second child she  did more specialised post-natal rehabilitation training and this is now the main focus of her teaching. She also has returned to dance, working part-time for Dancers Career Development looking after independent dancers. 

This discussion is not intended to treat or diagnose conditions and is for educational purposes only. Always consult your medical practitioner before engaging in any new physical activity programme. 

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