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Mother of two. Principal, Elmhurst Ballet School

Jessica took part in being a panelist on Season 1 of Dance Mama Live, FREE when you sign up to our site.

Lucy had the privilege of talking to powerhouse #dancemama, Jessica Ward. Jessica has just celebrated her 10 year anniversary as Principal at Elmhurst Ballet School and discusses her experience as a single working mother of two in a high profile leadership position. Following her first pregnancy, Jessica refreshed and extended the parental policies at Elmhurst, and has recently introduced a menopause policy.

We discuss a an array of issues including the extension of her maternal responsibilities in a professional capacity as a principal of one the worlds most well-known and celebrated ballet schools for children as young as 11 years old. Jessica talks about the strength, determination and perseverance dance training gives, which can be highly useful qualities as a parent.

This was recorded over Zoom during the UK's social restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic January 2021. 

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