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Specialist Online Classes
Designed For Parents With Dance Careers
Live and on replay


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Pro Class

Weekly Technique Classes inclusive of perinatal artists - online

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Option 2 -
Weekly Professional Technique Classes
Inclusive of pre-postnatal people

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Want Strength, Confidence & Connection?

Welcome to Dance Mama’s live online class programme. Our Pre/Postnatal Dance Class - Pro Level is a pioneering, dance session specifically designed to support parents who work professionally in the dance sector. The classes draw on release, yoga and Pilates techniques.

Accessible and Affordable

to get you on your A-Game

This fun and uplifting dance session is led by  Caroline Lofthouse,  who will mindfully guide you through a release-based technique class designed with the maternal individual front and centre. 

Caroline will lead you through a grounding technical class that will give you the opportunity to explore alignment, posture and musicality, giving you the opportunity to move and be expressive and importantly, give you time to connect to yourself and your art form.

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Join Dance Mama Live: Back On The Road giving you community, access to our 21/22 recorded content of over 20-hours of webinars and workshops and to qualify for the discount. 

All sessions must be booked by 6pm the day before. 


What our participants think...



“...thank you for the work you are doing. I really appreciated class this week and being able to connect with people. I’ve found the position I’m in, being a dancer and new mum, a lonely one. It was lovely to be in accepting environment that was full of understanding and free of judgement and really nice to see other people in a similar position. Even just the conversation about backs and how they feel so different after pregnancy was super reassuring for me, I don’t have people to discuss things like that with and it was nice to know I wasn’t alone, I’d been beating myself up a little about it!

I’m really looking forward to the live session and connecting with people in the flesh!


Thank you again, see you next week!"

[Olivia, pictured here with her baby and fellow peers who she has danced with online and here in real life at Dance Mama Live, Birmimngham, March 2023 @onedanceuk Photographer Anthony Shintai @anthonyshintai]

Class Programme Participants

Class Programme Participants

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Disclaimer: Remember to consult with your medical team before undertaking any exercise programme, and particularly new mums should not be undertaking any exercise before passing their 6-week check with their GP. Whilst we want you to be the best that you can be, Dance Mama does not accept any responsibility for your health and wellbeing. Your body, your responsibility.