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Published Research



Francesca McCoid, Sue Harris & Rachel Rafiefar


The original resource that inspired Dance Mama to be created.

Join as a member to One Dance UK to gain access to this fantastic resource amongst many other benefits


CHAPTER 10, pages 219 -225

Edel Quin, Sonia Rafferty & Charlotte Tomlinson

The 'bible' of dance science-based advice for all aspects of dance experience contains a precious few pages on dancing through pregnancy, and some advice for return to work



Charlotte Vincent & Helen Laws



Vincent Dance Theatre, One Dance UK & Creative and Cultural Skills 2009 report covering a variety of aspects of dancing and parenthood for the employee and employer

Hayley Mills, Lou Atkinson, 

Ellinor Olander, Debbie Smith, Louise Hayes, Sinead Currie, James Newham, Charlie Foster, Marlize De Vivo


Article in British Journal of Sports Medicine from experts at the UK's leading universities

Marlize De Vivo & Hayley Mills

An insight into how midwives promote physical activity during pregnancy from professors from the Perinatal Physical Activity Research Group, University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury


This multidisciplinary group designs, conducts and communicates high quality research focusing on physical activity during pre-conception, pregnancy and post-natal periods. PPARG work both in collaboration, and offers consultation with, a large range of stakeholders to maximise benefit and impact of their research and expertise.


Dancing a new routine

Lucy McCrudden​

#DanceMama original article for One Dance UK




The Lights Aren't On And Everybody's Home

PiPA Campaign Ambassadors - incl. Lucy McCrudden​

#DanceMama contribution to the PiPA Campaign article on parents in the arts during the COVID19 crisis



Does the dance industry lose it's female dancers to motherhood?

Belinda Lee Chapman

Belinda explores the question around why there are less women working in dance who are parents.

2019 (originally published 2016)


Dancing after having a baby

KJ Mortimer blogs about her experience as a #DanceMama whilst performing with Stopgap Dance Company



Ballerinas with bumps: Elizabeth Harrod and Laura McCulloch on the challenges of balancing dancing and motherhood

Chris Shipman

Head of Brand Engagement & Soical Media

The Royal Opera House

Chris interviews two Soloists - one a new mother and the other expecting - on the challenge of juggling two hugely exhausting but rewarding jobs.

10 APRIL 2015

Dancers in a new role talks to three American #DanceMama



Are you a dancer and a mother? talks to four American #DanceMamas




Here are a selection off my bookshelf (as the pictures prove!) which have served me greatly in terms of career, creativity and resilience 


Building A Portfolio Career

Bourne, McCrudden and Lyons give a comprehensive guide to being a Portfolio Professional in all aspects (with a couple of pages on yours truly)


The Freelance Mum

Annie Ridout, takes you through the ins and outs of being a freelancer in a parental context. Although a copywriter by trade, her insights are transferable 

She means business.JPG

She Means Business

Carrie Green (now a Mama) gives an inspirational 360 into setting up as an entrepreneur. She also has an online community.


How To Support A Champion

King of Sport, Dr Steve Ingham, gives the inside view of training his many champions, including Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill


High Performance Habits

Multiple NYTimes Bestseller, Brendon Burchard explores the 6 most effective habits of high performers


Dare to Lead

Magnificent social researcher and storyteller, Dr Brene Brown shares her most important finds on how to lead in all walks of life.


Women Who Run With The Wolves

Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes has written probably the most important book you will ever read, exploring the feminine inner world to empower and ignite


The Artists Way

A great way of rediscovering your creativity if you feel a little lost as a new parent. (Having done a workshop with Julia Cameron - she's badass and takes no prisoners!)



Good to know what Darren Henley,  CEO of Arts Council England thinks about the subject, and further establishing the case for creativity 


The Universe Has Your Back

My no. 1 guru and Chief Director of Approach, Gabby Bernstein's  life-affirming work on having faith.

She has a plethora of works and a fantastic community

Less is More

So darn good she's got her own section (I have geeked out here). Quick hits of goodness to keep you aligned throughout the day. Especially good for parents who are short on time and often juggling!

Super Attractor

Gabby's latest gift if you want to super-charge your life with her positive approach.

Various journalling and card decks are available alongside her work. 

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