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Research and Development of 
Specialist Classes
For Parents Who Enjoy Dance

Supported by Arts Partnership Surrey's Surrey Dance Seed Fund






Fri 23rd June 10.30 - 11.30 am

free coffee for your thoughts

& a chance to meet other Mums

·       Do you have a child/children 9 months or under and live in Surrey?

·       Do you enjoy dancing or have an interest in it you would like to explore?

·       Do you want to find out how dance can support you and your families  wellbeing as a parent?

·       Want to help an award-winning Surrey-based, international dance company create brilliant       dance workshops for postnatal mums?

Dance Mama Founder/CEO, Lucy McCrudden and Lead Dance Artist, Laura Harvey will be facilitating this fun and friendly session to help us bring a fantastic dance experience to Mums in the future. 


This is a discussion-based event and you won't be required to dance - we're keen to hear your feedback on our ideas at this stage - with a view to including them for future events for the general public.


What is it?

The heart of Dance Mama's™ work is learning from sharing experiences.

This project help us develop the steps we have made towards one of our long-term goals of transferring the valuable information we have garnered in the professional sector to parents in the general public , where dance can be used as a vehicle to support their wellbeing pre and postnatally.

In 2021 we piloted two online sessions for mums in the general public whose social isolation was increased due to the pandemic and may not have danced before. Building on this work, our Lead Dance Artist, Laura Harvey (long-time colleague, mum, Head of Creative Programmes- English National Ballet), is working with our Founder/CEO, Lucy McCrudden, on this special project, with the support of Arts Partnership Surrey and GLive

The aim of which is to bring this research to specialist classes to postnatal mums in the general public. 

We will be releasing our findings in Autumn 2023. 

image of Olivia Roberts and child: Dance Mama Live, Birmimngham, March 2023 @onedanceuk Photographer Anthony Shintai @anthonyshintai

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