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Mother of one. Freelance Development Consultant Trainer Lecturer.

Lucy had the pleasure of talking to one of the most prolific dance and arts development experts, #dancemama, Fern Potter.  Fern has had a hugely significant career raising millions of pounds for dance in the UK and beyond including organisations and companies including; Birmingham Royal Ballet, Dance Umbrella and One Dance UK, and was the Founding Director of Essex Dance  - now The Dance Network Association. She is Chair of Candoco. 


Fern reflects on her pregnancy and journey into motherhood in dance, commenting on how previous attitudes are now giving way to more positive change. We discuss the importance of having a network of support and how children effect our professional choices, both in practical terms, but artist and career path choice. 

Fern is also a Director of Dance Mama.

This was recorded over Zoom during the UK's social restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic January 2021. 

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